Laser Hair Removal

The majority of us have some areas of unwanted hair that we either shave, pluck, wax, or cover up. Laser hair removal offers a longlasting solution. Over time, it is more cost effective than purchasing razors, wax or waxing sessions, depillatories, etc. It is also gentler on the skin as it is not tearing outContinue reading “Laser Hair Removal”

Skin Rejuvenation

When topical skincare is not enough, there are a vast array of medical grade devices that can be used to heal the skin or even boost its own natural healing processes. No serum, ointment, cream, or supplement can quite deliver the results as quickly and effectively as a targeted procedure. Many of us have skinContinue reading “Skin Rejuvenation”

Our Mission

Devoted to you and your skin. We want to take a holistic approach to skincare. Most people learn how to take care of their skin from their parents or other close relatives, whether it be directly by instruction or indirectly by observation. However, we are not often given tailored advice regarding the care of ourContinue reading “Our Mission”